“There are eyes everywhere. No blind spot left. What shall we dream of when everything becomes visible? We’ll dream of being blind.”

Blindly we walk through our GoogleMaps-world and believe that Siri tells us the truth. Citycentres are filled with securitycams that check if we move in the right direction. Everything that we cannot decipher is non-existing. Science, technology and measurability are the new truth. Maybe the new religion.

In Siri Loves Me choreographer Katja Heitmann imagines the way technology influences our world. Will the future generations – in these times of Siri, googlemaps and securitycams – still be able to choose their own path? Can they still move freely?

Fifty youngsters execute a ritual in the most concentrated way possible. Together they walk a cathastrophical line and become an island of serenity in the epicentre of the cityrumble.

Siri Loves Me is performed by students of the Pre-education Dance Dans Maastricht, Fontys Dance Academy and Tanzhaus NRW.


DansMagazine, Zahira Mous

The big surprise of the Dutch Dance Festival: Siri Loves Me (…) a wonderful project in which the 50 youngsters create silence in the city through slow and concentrated movements. It is a breathtaking piece of indigo children that everyone has to experience.

Theater maker **** Siri Loves Me, Wendy Lubberding

The way they move, back straight, the movement of each arm and every leg controlled and always exactly the same performed, is strongly reminiscent of the movements of the professional performers in HeitmannsPandora’s Dropbox. But with these young performers the question becomes all the more urgent. What does it mean to grow up? How bad is it to make a mistake when the whole world revolves around looking at each other?

concept, choreography
Katja Heitmann

concept, soundscape
Sander van der Schaaf

movement coach
Celine Werkhoven

50 Leerlingen van de Vooropleiding Dans Maastricht, Fontys Danceacademy vooropleiding, cursisten van tanzhaus NRW

By vanHarten, Annemarije van Harten

dramaturgy, publicity
Ingrid de Rond

Merle Schiebergen, Wies Berkhout, Anna Zurkirchen, Julia van Rooijen, Lorenzo Capodieci

visual artwork
Hanneke Wetzer

DansBrabant, Nederlandse Dansdagen

Vooropleiding Dans Maastricht, Vooropleiding Fontys Dance Academy, tanzhaus NRW

supported by
Gemeente Maastricht, Fonds Podiumkunsten, gemeente Tilburg