COMMUNITAS originates from Katja Heitmann’s Motus Mori archive of human movement. Since 2019, choreographer Katja Heitmann has been building an archive for human movement: Motus Mori. Working with a growing group of movement-archivists, she collects and preserves movements from people of all ages, bodies and backgrounds. More than 1900 people have already donated their personal movement to this embodied archive, from which Katja creates new artworks each time.    

How can multiple bodies move as one?   

In COMMUNITAS 16 performers aged between 20 and 75 exchange their personal movements amid everyday reality. They support and follow each other’s movements until a collective body emerges. COMMUNITAS brings together 6 self-taught movers and 10 academic dance students from Fontys Academy of Arts in a moving theatrical ritual. Accompanied by bubbles of spatial sound, they form ritual islands of focus and devotion.

Concept & choreography: Katja Heitmann
Concept & music: Sander van der Schaaf
Artistic assistance: Eleni Ploumi, Julia Drittij, Ornella Prieto, Marie Groothof
Performers: Alba F. Manzanero Francia, Boris Boes, Dana Schilperoort, Eddy Becquart, Esther Feldman, Frans van Vugt, Helena Alemany Ortiz, Ida Osten, Jéssica Laís, Katharina Markschat, Katja Butković, Maria Mora Navarro, Marijne van Dam, Ray Lemmens, Selma Kromhout, Stijn van den Broek

In collaboration with: Dance Arts in Context / Fontys Academy of the Arts

Photography: Hanneke Wetzer
Supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Provincie Noord Brabant, Gemeente Tilburg