In our cut and paste society the reflection of reality seems to be more important than reality itself. Projecting, copying and multiplying had never been as easy as nowadays. Everything becomes the cpy of the copy, a twisted Droste-effect.
Katja Heitmann has made an Youtube-inspired choreography for two talented students of the pre-eduction dance Maastricht. Fashion Designer Annemarije van Harten designed one dimensional costumes especially for this performance, clothing as a form of auto-correction.

Concept en choreography: Katja Heitmann
Costumedesign: Annemarije van Harten
Concept & music: Sander van der Schaaf
Dance: Jeroen Janssen, Ghislaine van den Heuvel (Vooropleiding Dans Maastricht)
Photo: Team Peter Stigter

This performance was commisioned by De Nederlandse Dansdagen/Dutch Dance Festival and Festival Fashionclas, supported by BNG Bank and BNG Cultuurfonds