The three performances Katja created in 2014-2015: For iTernity, iNcorporeality and Selfiefy Myself, are combined in the performance-exhibition iTernal PlayGround. It was exhibited in a shoppingmall during 6 days at Theaterfestival Boulevard 2015 from 14:00 till 0:30.

People could experience Selfiefy Myself, a four hour work-out for flatscreen, performer and shoppers. They could be overwhelmed by the presence of iNcorporeality, a nomadic performance for iPads and dancers. And after the shopping mall had closed, they could come back for For iTernity, in which the shopping mall was eternalized in augmented reality.

iTernal PlayGround was the first result of Katja’s quest for Nomadic Theatre.

Katja Heitmann

concept, sound, production
Sander van der Schaaf

Celine Werkhoven, Jolaine Dooms, Liza Wallerbosch, Merle Schiebergen, Suzan Stouthart, Ricardo Vera Afanador, Evangelos Vaggelis Biskas, Eleni Ploumi, Hannah Rogerson, Anna Zurkirchen

Zeynep Gunduz
Ingrid de Rond

Thanks to
Trisha Paytas, Kino Macgregor, Deirdre Griffin

co-production / partners
DansBrabant, Festival Cement, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Fontys Dance Academy

supported by
PLAN Noord Brabant