Studio-residence Tilburg

On basis of availability we offer the opportunity for emerging dance-, performance-art, mime and visual-artists to make use of our daylight-studio in Tilburg. Our aim is to stimulate the creation of interdisciplinary artworks between dance, theatre, performance-art, digital art and visual art. Hopefully we can inspire each other.

Our studio is ‘white cube-style’ and very suitable for artists that want to cross the borders between theatre and visual arts. lt is approximately 100m2, 3m high, white walls, white curtains, grey vinyl (floating) dancefloor.

In the beginning of This is not a show we always felt the desire to have more space to experiment and try out before making our plans concrete. So with offering this opportunity for studiospace we aim to stimulate this preparation-phase of interesting emerging artistic projects. We expect no results, just that you use the time and space respectfully (!), to conceptualize a more concrete plan and eventually find presenting- and production-partners.

The do’s

– Your have a rough plan/idea which you want to try out for at least 5 workingdays/nights.
– We prefer you have a working-period that takes minimum 1 (consecutive) week for practical reasons.
– The studio is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can leave your stuff, as long as you clean afterwards.
– We offer to share feedback and inspiration on request.
– You can organise your own viewing or try-out and invite colleague’s.
– You have ‘some kind of’ connection with the artistic work of Katja Heitmann and want to cross borders between theatre and visual arts.

The dont’s

– This daylight-studio is nót suitable for rigging, theatre-lighting, or theatre-montage.
– lt is located on the first floor in Theatre De Nieuwe Vorst and there is nó elevator.
– You do not have a substantial funding (or a production-partner that is substantial funded). If you do, we do offer you rent the studio at a fair rate.
– We do nót provide technical support
– We do nót provide funding/reimbursements.
– We do nót offer accommodation. However, we can tip budget-friendly solutions.
– You do nót need to present anything.

lf you want to apply, please send your (short and rough) plan to Please include your preferred period (or your flexibility). If your application resonates we will come back to you with the possibilities. The application should include:

– Your practical plan of action (e.g. how many people, what kind of equipment you’II use)
– The reason why you think our studio physically fits your needs
– Production- and presentation-partners and (financial) supporters (if you have any)


Stichting This is nota show

Stichting This is nota show produces the artistic work of Katja Heitmann. Katja Heitmann
(1987, DE) investigates in her visual-choreographic work what moves man kind in the current
era. Stichting This is nota show aims to stimulate interdisciplinary artworks on the borders of
performance- and visual arts.