Motus Mori

Choreographer Katja Heitmann is concerned that movement is in danger of extinction. Especially movements that are not efficient and do not serve a direct cause. For example unconscious movements of everyday life; like the act of sitting or taking a walk. Or the movement of aging. Or maybe even the human sigh...
But aren't those the movements that define us as human?

Katja wants to create a place where we can analyse and copy these endangered human motorics, preserve them in dancers' body's and expose these movements to the audience.

In 2019 and 2020 choreographer Katja Heitmann works together with arts-festivals and museums, creating a series of choreographic sculptures. In gallery's, museums, churches, theatres she exposes these durational (5 hour) performances in-situ. In so-called ' zoom-in' sessions Katja explains her way of working and adds context. The result are impressive multi-day - multi hour performance-expositions of humanity.

In spring 2019 we work together with STRP festival (Eindhoven NL) to create a laboratory of preserving movement. We will be part of the expo for 10 days in a row, collecting humanity from the audience and showing the preservation-process; Laboratorium Motus Mori.

In autumn 2019 we collaborate with Marres House for contemporary culture (Maastricht NL) to create an exposition of 9 performers, 6 weeks, 6 days a week, 5 hours a day; Museum Motus Mori.

In 2020 we are working towards a large-scale performance-ritual in public space; Ceremonia Motus Mori.


choreography & concept: Katja Heitmann
music & production: Sander van der Schaaf
performance: Wies Berkhout, Anna Zurkirchen, Merle Schiebergen, Manou Koreman, Rebecca Collins
artistic advice: Ingrid de Rond, Moene Roovers, Christina Flick
video & photography; Hanneke Wetzer

co-production: DansBrabant, STRP Eindhoven, Marres house for contemporary culture
partners: tanzhausNRW Dusseldorf (DE)

supported by: Gemeente Tilburg, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Dutch Performing Arts fund