Katja Heitmann wants to write a different history. She wants to create an archive in which the most essential, paradoxical and elusive core of mankind is preserved. An attempt to archive the impossible: an archive of movement.

A repository for movement requires an active institute that literally moves for and through people. In such an institution a new form of historiography takes place: not a logical-rational but an embodied historiography. In the period 2021-2024 Katja Heitmann and her team will develope an institute for movement-heritage: Motus Mori. This institute focuses on the collection, preservation, display and transfer of movement-heritage.

Motus Mori Institute is a place for process. Every development is shared with the audience in public manifestations. This institute literally ‘moves’; in the years to come, as it will be located in various cities, presenting the archive in exhibitions, performances, installations and rituals.

See for the dedicated website www.motusmori.com