Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann (1987, Hamburg/ Germany) operates on the intersections of theatre, dance, visual arts, performance and installation. In her work she explores what ‘moves’ us in the current era. Man moves his machines, or machines move man? Her performance-installations poetically reveal that an answer to this question is ambiguous.

In 2016 Katja was awarded the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival for outstanding choreographic talent.

With her team Katja creates performance-installations and theatrical exhibitions. Always departing from the questions ‘Who (or what) moves who?’ we work in varied places, in varied projects. The coming years we will be creating ‘escape-spaces’; theatrical environments in public space, theatres, museums and virtual reality where the audience can withdraw from the hectic world to give headroom to reflection and contemplation.

Theaterkrant **** Pandora's DropBox, Wendy Lubberding

Plato, Nietzsche, Hannah Arendt, care robots, YouTube vloggers: they all ask what it means to be human. Katja Heitmann joins in this list with a research that makes you feel how hard it is to be is human.

Volkskrant **** Pandora's DropBox, Mirjam van der Linden

Snot, sweat and tears are also not choreographed. Heitmann's robotic people become pitiful in a very subte way. That ambiguity is significant and very beautiful. Here people dance imprisoned in their body and ambitions.

NRC Pandora's DropBox, Francine van der Wiel

(...) the iron concentration of the six dancers on the hexagonal playing surface gets the viewer in the grip. (...) So lamentable and lonely is perfection. This is how the distorted songs "Ich bin allein in meinem Himmel" sound as well. Perfection can not tolerate feelings.

DansMagazine, Zahira Mous

The big surprise of the Dutch Dance Festival: Siri Loves Me (...) a wonderful project in which the 50 youngsters create silence in the city through slow and concentrated movements. It is a breathtaking piece of indigo children that everyone has to experience.

Theaterkrant **** Siri Loves Me, Wendy Lubberding

The way they move, back straight, the movement of each arm and every leg controlled and always exactly the same performed, is strongly reminiscent of the movements of the professional performers in HeitmannsPandora's Dropbox. But with these young performers the question becomes all the more urgent. What does it mean to grow up? How bad is it to make a mistake when the whole world revolves around looking at each other?

Brabants Dagblad, at number 6 in the top 10 of cultural events 2017

With Katja Heitmann, the dance in Brabant is a winner. The concentration she asked of her dancers in Pandora's Dropbox was more than remarkable.


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